Lingam Massage

Male Tantric Massage and Lingam Massage

Tantric Lingam Massage is the male version of tantric yoni massage. It involves an enhanced and exciting treatment focusing on the intimate areas of the male genitalia including the lingam (cock), testicles, perineum, buttocks and on occasion the prostate. Lingam massage is an ancient art of helping you to discover new heights of sensual and sexual awareness. It has been used for centuries to help men achieve longer, harder erections and more fulfilling, explosive (and sometimes multiple) orgasms. The aim of a tantric cock massage is “edging”. This is where you are brought to the edge of orgasm time and time again before finally achieving orgasm. It is a journey of the senses, your body and mind exploring and enjoying new and exciting sensations.

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Tantric Lingam Massage

Your cock massage will follow on from a full-body nude massage. This allows your body to relax, your mind to focus and for your senses to become tuned to the sense of touch, the varying pressures and techniques used to massage your whole body. I use every part of my body to massage your lingam and if you are feeling adventurous, cock to cock massage and sensual oral massage can be used to further enhance your tantric experience.

Tantric Lingam Orgasm

Tantric Lingam Orgasm