What is a Cuckold Massage?

Cuckold is traditionally a situation in which a man’s wife (or girlfriend/partner) enjoys sex with another man. These days however, it is enjoyed by many couples to fulfill sexual fantasy and exploration. A lifestyle choice, if you like. Cuckold massage sessions are a gentle way for you both to explore.

Cuckold Massage – Fantasy Fulfilment

Here at Tranquility, cuckold massages are very popular. For some couples, the reason is purely about acting out a fantasy. Something that has been discussed during sex. The thought of the lady enjoying another man in front of her hubby is a common fantasy. The “Hot Wife” so to speak. Both for the man and the woman. However, finding a safe and understanding way to explore this activity leaves many at the purely fantasy stage.

cuckold sex, hot wife.

Cuckold Massage – Erectile Dysfunction

For some couples, the decision to look into a cuckold massage is less about fantasy. It is about the husband’s inability to sexually satisfy his wife. This can be for any number of reasons. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, illness, age. All can be contributing factors.

cuckold massage, cuckold, hot wife

For Her Pleasure

In some couples, it is the wife who takes the lead and wants to explore. Perhaps she has only been intimate with her husband and wants to know how it feels with another person. To be found sexually attractive. To be wanted and desired by another. The cuckold massage is always about the lady and her pleasure. Your lady can enjoy a full body, fully nude sensual massage. Of course, she can enjoy a more intimate and naughty liason too.

For Both Of You

The couples who visit me for cuckold massage and services vary greatly. Not only in age, but also in nationality, background and of course, figure. For some couples the husband just watches. Getting pleasure from seeing his wife engaging with another man. Then, there are couples where the husband likes to join in. There are couples where the wife visits alone, but the husband knows about it. Dropping her off and picking her up after her massage.

Cuckold, hot wife, cuckold experience

On occasion, the wife arranges the session. Other times, the husband arranges the cuckold massage for his wife. Whatever your reasons for exploring cuckold may be. You can both enjoy a discreet, friendly and understanding experience.

This is especially important if you’re both exploring for the first time. Cuckold massage sessions are bespoke. You choose the levels of interaction. Control the levels of intimacy. Set your personal boundaries as a couple. Arrange your cuckold massage session today!