Massage for Couples

At Tranquility Massage we are happy to offer a variety of  couples massage experiences for all couples to enjoy. From just relaxing to perhaps something more adventurous and interactive with one of our massage for couples experiences.

Massage for couples

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Sensual massage for couples

Relaxing on your own table within arms reach, you can both lie back and relax as we take the two of you on a leisurely sensual journey where you can experience the touch of both male and female hands, interact with both of us and explore further if the mood takes you.

Enjoy together.

Enjoy a massage from myself while your partner is massaged by my delightful assistant Lilly before we swap over and treat you to a new sense of touch, pressure and technique.

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Erotic massage for couples

If you’d prefer to not indulge in m2m or f2f massage, that’s fine too. Indeed, just let us know how you’d like your massages to go and we’ll do the rest. Far too often these days the pace of life can impact on our personal time. Enjoying a massage together is a unique escape from the day-to-day pressures we all suffer at one time or another. Our considerate, warm and friendly approach to your naturist massages and sensual experiences allows you to just relax and enjoy or to explore further, should the mood take you.

Explore together.

Tailored to not only your own requirements, but also to your own comfort levels and sensual needs. If you’d like to learn how to give each other a sensual massage, whether for relaxation or to enhance your intimate moments together, we are always happy to offer advice. As well as guiding you in using sensual massage as a way to heighten your intimacy. Along with helping you to re-connect with each other again.

For some couples, the experience they’re looking for is that of a “cuckold” experience and not couple 2 couple. A massage designed specifically for the lady’s enjoyment while your husband or partner watches. Or perhaps joins in. If this might be more to your liking, please take a look at my “cuckold massage” experiences here.

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