Naturist Massage Availability

Naturist Massage Availability.

If you’re looking to book a naturist massage with us, please take some time to check below for our naturist massage availability.

We prefer to arrange appointments in advance and do not offer a “walk-in” service for our naturist massage appointments, though we are always happy for “same day” enquiries and will do our best to see you if at all possible.

Please remember that the days and times shown are our usual hours and are not necessarily when we are available. We may be already booked for your preferred day/time so please always check with me to see if we can accommodate you for your preferred naturist massage appointment day and time.

Naturist massage availability with Dean

naturist massage with Dean

Monday, Thursday and Friday 9am till 7pm. Wednesday 10am till 8pm. Saturday 9am till 1pm

I am able to offer occasional late appointments throughout the week and Saturday afternoon with sufficient notice, however these may be at a slightly enhanced rate.

Naturist massage availability with Lilly

Lilly naturist massage availability

Monday 11am till 7pm. Wednesday 11am till 3pm. Saturday 10am till 1pm

Lilly is able to offer occasional appointments on Thursday or Friday with sufficient notice.

Couples, 4hand & massage shows with Dean and Lilly

availability 4hand naturist massage

Monday 11am till 7pm, Wednesday 11am till 3pm, Friday 6.30pm and Saturday 10am till 1pm

Lingam Massage

Male Tantric Massage and Lingam Massage

Tantric Lingam Massage is the male version of tantric yoni massage. It involves an enhanced and exciting treatment focusing on the intimate areas of the male genitalia including the lingam (penis, cock), testicles, perineum, buttocks and on occasion the prostate. Lingam massage (penis massage) is an ancient art of helping you to discover new heights of sensual and sexual awareness. It has been used for centuries to help men achieve longer, harder erections and more fulfilling, explosive (and sometimes multiple) orgasms. The aim of a tantric cock massage is “edging”. This is where you are brought to the edge of orgasm time and time again before finally achieving orgasm. It is a journey of the senses, your body and mind exploring and enjoying new and exciting sensations.

lingam,lingam massage,tantric lingam,lingam orgasm

Tantric Lingam Massage

Your cock massage will follow on from a full-body naturist massage. This allows your body to relax, your mind to focus and for your senses to become tuned to the sense of touch, the varying pressures and techniques used to massage your whole body. I use every part of my body to enhance your penis massage and, if you are feeling adventurous, cock to cock massage and sensual oral massage can be used to further enhance your tantric cock massage experience.

Tantric Lingam Orgasm

Tantric Lingam Massage Orgasm




Yoni Massage

 Yoni massage or yonic massage is a type of Tantric massage that primarily focuses on the vulva and vagina, in the same way that Lingam massage focuses on the male genitalia. The massage is viewed as therapeutic and is sometimes introduced as a method of relieving tension of the vagina.
yoni massage,sensual yoni massage,yoni orgasm,female ejaculation,squirt

Yoni Massage

Tantric Yoni massage is an intimate journey of sensual and sexual discovery. The massage focuses on relaxing your mind and body enabling you to centre on your vagina (Yoni) helping you to connect with your sexuality, your inner sexual self. Your vagina is a beautiful, sensitive and exquisite centre of your sexual being. The majority of men (and many women) have little or no idea how to tease, arouse and pleasure your vagina. Even you may not be able to completely satisfy yourself by masturbating. Having a skilled, experienced devotee to yoni massage indulge you in a delightful journey of sensations without having to focus on anything except your own pleasure is liberating for many women. I understand and appreciate that all women, all yonis, are different, react differently to stimuli and reach sensual peaks at varying times under varying techniques.

female arousal,yoni massage,vagina massage,

Full body and Yoni Massage

The essence of a tantric yoni massage is one of personal discovery, an indulgent journey where you are the centre of attention. Once you’ve had time to relax both your mind and body with a full-body sensual massage, your massage will slowly and gently become more focused on your yoni. Gentle, teasing strokes around your labia, as you feel yourself centering on your sensual core. Feel your body responding to the gentle stimulation, your labia swelling, your vagina becoming moist and tingling from the varied pressures and sensations. As you drift further into a sensual place removed from the world, the stimulation becomes gradually more intimate…fingers gently opening your yoni, exploring it’s warmth, rubbing, stroking, pulling, circling, applying gentle pressure to your clitoris. The pressures, depths and speeds of my experienced fingers are constantly changing, keeping you aroused yet centred as you feel yourself approaching a sensual high, a sexual high leading to an exquisite, full-body release that many women find intoxicating and sexually enlightening.  Your yoni massage can include extended and indulgent oral massage where I use my mouth and tongue to further enhance your yoni massage experience.

After enjoying the relaxation of your full-body sensual massage, why not indulge your mind and body further and explore the delights of an arousing and intimate yoni massage?

Ideal for those ladies who wish to rediscover or find their inner sensuality, yoni massage can help you to redefine your sexual self…

Perhaps you struggle to relax and enjoy having an orgasm…or perhaps you’d like to explore the delights of whole body, multiple orgasms that leave you shivering with pleasure?…

A well performed yoni massage allows you to focus on just receiving pleasure and focusing your whole being on your sexual centre, your body and mind becoming one as the delightful sensations of another orgasm approaching….

Live Naked Sensual Massage Show

Live Naked Massage Show.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a live naked massage show, we enjoy putting on a performance for you.

Or perhaps you’re not sure if a sensual nude massage is for you and you’d like to see what happens before booking your own massage.

Whether you’d like to watch a man being massaged by a lady, a lady by a man or even both of us massaging each other, we offer a live show for your voyeuristic enjoyment. Our shows can be used for demonstrating sensual and erotic massage for those who would like to learn, or for pure sensual entertainment pleasure.

We enjoy putting on our sensual massage shows for men, women, couples and small parties of open-minded people. We currently host our shows solely at our Reigate therapy room. To find out more about our sensual massage shows, please contact me at using “Massage Show” as the subject, or use our online enquiry form.

Live Naked Massage Show

Naked Massage Show


Client Reviews

Tranquility Massage Reviews.

We always welcome your thoughts on your Tranquility massage experience. Your Tranquility Massage reviews offer useful feedback for us and a source of information for other people who are looking to come along and visit us for a massage! If you’d like to let us know how your own experience went, please email Dean. We never use your personal details when posting any reviews.


As a first-time couple exploring with another man, we found the whole experience enlightening and exciting. A friendly, understanding and unhurried approach allowed us to just relax and enjoy our massages…. R&L, Surrey

An amazing massage in peaceful environment. Have become a regular!….  P, Croydon

Just delightful. A truly uplifting experience…. K, Brighton

Very nervous, my first m2m massage. Was made to feel relaxed from the start and being able to interact at my own pace was very exciting… R, Slough

The xdress massage definitely adds a little something to the whole experience!…S, Surrey

A peaceful and inviting atmosphere. Zensation therapy room is a very relaxing place to spend an hour and the massage was superb….AJ, Worthing

Our first time at naturist massage. D made us very welcome and being able to interact and explore at our own pace was just ideal… K&H, Reigate

Very shy as I’m a fuller-figured, more mature lady, being able to feel relaxed and sexy while being fully pampered was just what I needed. The yoni massage was a wonderful experience…
T, Sussex

We have been visiting for a while now, and we find the whole experience to be as good if not better the more we go. Very relaxing and an absolute must to have that hour out of your normal everyday lives to explore and have a great time. The interaction is second to none and we can’t wait until the next time. The location is also perfect and adds to the whole experience. D&T

Exciting and exhilarating…very sensitive and intuitive, facilitating the pace just right – perfect massage and experience from someone who really made me feel relaxed and sexy.
Thank you….. T, Berkshire

My Partner Lilly

Naked massage with my partner Lilly

My partner Lilly is an experienced naturist massage therapist in her late 30s. She is blessed with a delightfully curvy figure. Originally from Eastern Europe, she has a gentle and caring manner that is ideal for sensual and naked massage. Her smooth curves are perfect for body to body massage and like myself, Lilly enjoys massaging and interacting with men and women. Lilly is an experienced sensual masseuse and enjoys helping people to relax, unwind and explore.

Lilly has a delightfully gentle, yet firm touch and enjoys using her whole body to massage you. Body to body massage lets you enjoy a sensual closeness and intimate connection during your massage as her body glides up and down your body. Whether this is your first time at naturist massage or you’ve a little more experience, a sensual 121 with Lilly is a delightful way to escape the stresses of the day for a while.

Lilly naked massage, naked massage by Lilly

My partner Lilly

Lilly enjoys being massaged and if you’re visiting us for a 4hand massage, a couples massage or a massage show, you’re welcome to join me in exploring her body as we give her a sensual massage, either for pleasure or if perhaps you’d like to learn how to give a lady a sensual massage. If you’d like to learn or explore the art of tantric yoni massage, let me show you how to perform this delightful pleasure while Lilly relaxes on the massage table!

naked massage, sensual naked massage, oily naked massage

Naked massage with Lilly

Lilly is now available for a limited number of 121 massages with ladies or gentlemen.

Lilly does NOT offer a  full sex service. Please don’t offend her by asking and she politely requests that you respect her choices when making your booking or attending your massage at Tranquility. Thank you.

Massage Appointment Etiquette

At Tranquility Massage Reigate we endeavour to create the perfect sensual massage for you. To help us make your Tranquility massage an enjoyable experience for all, please take a little time to look through our massage appointment etiquette guidelines below. Thank you.

Though we are happy for you to contact us to discuss or arrange an appointment by text, phone, email or via one of our website forms, we do require final confirmation via text please.

The address for Tranquility will be given by text once we have agreed a mutually suitable day/time for your appointment. Please do not ask for our address expecting to “just turn up when you’re passing”. We are not a salon or massage parlour with a selection of ladies waiting to see you. All our bookings are pre-arranged, usually at least 24 hours in advance.

We are always freshly showered and ensure we don’t use any scented body products for your discretion. We appreciate it’s not possible for everyone who visits us to be as fresh as they would like, so we have shower facilities available for you to freshen up both before and after your massage if required. If you’d like to freshen up before your massage, please arrive 10 minutes early so your shower time doesn’t impact on your massage session duration. If you’d like a shower after your massage, we will finish 5 minutes early to allow you time to refresh.

We appreciate you arriving a few minutes ahead of your appointment. This gives us time to ensure we are ready to meet you and prepare for your massage. We suggest 10 minutes before your appointment if possible please.

Sometimes it may occur that you find yourself unable to attend for your massage. We understand that life can get in the way, however we do appreciate being notified of any cancellation or possible late arrival as soon as possible. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we may have to shorten, cancel or postpone your massage as we may have other appointments following yours. Should you not turn up for your appointment without letting us know, then we may choose not to arrange any further appointments for you.

On rare occasion, as with any business, we may find ourselves unable to see you for your massage. Should this occur, we will contact you discretely either by text or email to let you know as soon as possible. The content of the text will be non-specific and generic asking you to contact us.

We do like you to interact with us during your massage. Our mutual boundaries will have been discussed at the time of making your booking and we appreciate all those we see respecting any levels of interaction that have been agreed between us. Please don’t offend us by asking for any activities beyond those already agreed. We will politely refuse, however continued requests may result in your massage finishing early.

Payment for your massage is appreciated at the start of your session. Our preferred payment method is cash, £GBP. Credit and debit cards can be accepted and will show discretely on your statement as “TM Services”. Unfortunately, we do not offer “special discounts” for first-time clients, sorry.

Tranquility is discretely located. We understand your need for discretion and like to maintain our privacy too. Please consider this when arriving at, attending or leaving our premises.

We do not answer calls from with-held or anonymous numbers, sorry. Calls made outside our working hours will not be answered. We are not available “on-call” 24 hours a day!

Anyone using offensive, threatening or abusive language in phone calls, text messages or emails…will be blocked from contacting us.

Thank You for you consideration.