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Tranquility Naturist Massage
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Welcome to Tranquility.
My name's Dean and along with my petite assistant Amber and curvy assistant Lilly, I offer a unique and enticing range of naturist massages, Tantric massage and adult sensual experiences for ladies, gentlemen and couples who are seeking to relax, unwind and maybe explore a little further in a safe, friendly, considerate yet open-minded naturist environment either in my peaceful therapy room in Reigate, or at your home/hotel within Surrey and Sussex with my discrete visiting service.
If you're looking for a unique and enticing sensual experience, whether for pure relaxation or for the chance to explore your sensual self further, a naturist massage is the perfect way to relax, unwind and experience an hour or so of pure self indulgence and discovery.
Whether you're fuller-figured and whatever your age, nationality or background, why not enquire about your own naturist sensual massage today?
Mutual touch and interaction are an important part of your massage and
I am happy for you to explore both touching and interacting with me on a variety of levels if the mood takes you as you enjoy your massage and an indulgent and unique journey of sensual discovery...
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Naturist sensual massage for ladies in Surrey and Sussex
Naturist massage experiences for couples in Surrey and Sussex
Available by appointment 6 days a week for in-calls in Reigate
and visiting within Surrey and Sussex.
M2M massage.   Ladies 121.   4hand massage.   Couples Experiences.
Any payment is for time and massage services.
Erotic massage can be very exciting and can lead to more intimate and adult activities. Any such activities that may take place during or after an appointment are between consenting adults.
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For Ladies
For Couples
For Gentlemen
M2M for Gentlemen with Dean
Watch M2M sensual video
First-time, curious, more experienced?
A considerate, thoughtful and discrete range of m2m naturist massage and sensual exploration for the curious or more experienced gentleman. From your first m2m massage to a more intimate journey of sensual  discovery with body to body and tantric lingam massage If your nervous about your first m2m massage my considerate and gentle manner is sure to put you at ease......EXPLORE MORE
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For Ladies
For Couples
For Gentlemen
An enticing range of naturist, sensual and tantric massage experiences for ladies, gentlemen and couples to enjoy...
Naturist massage sensual videos
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Watch ladies 121 video
1:1 for Ladies with Dean

Stressed, frustrated, need some "me" time?..


An exquisite range of relaxing naturist massage and sensual pampering for ladies of all ages and figures. From a relaxing, yet indulgent naturist massage to a more personal and intimate  tantric yoni massage experience helping you to discover and explore your sensual and sexual self. Enjoy being pampered and sensually massaged from head to toe, by an experienced pair of hands.  Perfect for more mature and fuller-figured ladies  ....INDULGE MORE

Watch Couple2couple sensual video
Couples massages with Dean & Amber or Dean & Lilly
Enjoy a sensual journey together....
Relax and explore together with one of our naturist massages or sensual experiences for couples. From a relaxing naturist massage where you can both experience the touch of a male and female, to maybe something more intimate and adventurous, your couples massage with myself and Amber or Lilly is a great way to just unwind or gently explore your sensual horizons together with another couple. Enjoy a shared sensual journey that will leave both of you feeling sensually awakened and ful-filled ... DISCOVER MORE
M/F 4 hand Massage
Experience a truly sensational
sensual journey..
Watch 4hands sensual video
Double your sensual pleasure with one of our
4-handed massages. Discover the sensation of being massaged by strong male and gentle female hands with Dean and Amber or Dean and Lilly. Explore and interact with both of us as we move around the table stinulating your senses. Relax and indulge all your senses as we take you on an exquisite and unique journey of pure indulgence and multi-sensual discovery... EXPERIENCE MORE
Need a gentle way to turn fantasy into reality?..
"Cuckold" Voyeur Massage with Dean
Watch cuckold video
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Dean. Early 50s. Bi-sensual.
Naturist masseur for over 10 years in Sussex/Surrey
Available for m2m, ladies 121, 4hand,
and couples experiences.
Amber. Early 30s. Bi-sensual.
Fully qualified naturist masseuse.
Available with Dean for 4hands and couples experiences.
M/F 4Hand
Couple 2 Couple
Watch a Sensual Massage
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Naturist Massage Reigate
Take a gentle step from fantasy into reality and treat your partner to a sensual/erotic massage from Dean. My considerate, friendly and adaptable cuckold massage is a truly unique way to gently and safely explore your cuckold  voyeur fantasies at a pace that suits you both...Perhaps you'd like to just watch your wife/partner being sensually massaged and exploring with another male? Or A lady wanting to see her man in a little m2m interaction?   My "cuckold" voyeur massage is a gentle, friendly and relaxing way for couples to start exploring this popular activity....   

Tranquility Naturist Massage was established back in 2003 as a means to providing a range of friendly, affordable and considerate naturist massage and sensual experiences for all ladies, gents and couples to enjoy.


A devoted naturist masseur with over twenty years experience, many of which  I've spent in the Far East, my distinctive and unique approach to naturist massage encompasses all aspects of nudity, relaxation and sensual exploration. Along with my delightful assistants Amber and Lilly, I am happy to offer my naturist massage experiences to all ages, shapes and sizes, both in my Reigate therapy room and with my discrete visiting services to homes and hotels throughout Sussex, Surrey and West Kent.


Whether for pure relaxation or perhaps for personal discovery with a tantric Lingam or Yoni massage, we can tailor-make your naturist massage experience to your own requirements, Just lie back and relax as we give you a nude massage that's guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed yet stimulated.


All our massages are performed nude, both yourself and us being naked allowing you to enjoy being around other naked people in a friendly and considerate naked environment where you can explore and enjoy touching and interacting with us as we perform your naked massage.

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Tantric Lingam Massage
Body to Body Massage
Tantric Yoni Massage
Full Body Massage
Couple2Couple Massage
M/F Couples Massage
Body 2 Body 4 Hands Massage
M/F Full Body 4 Hands
Full Cuckold Massage
Intimate Voyeur Massage
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Lilly. Mid 30s. Bi-sensual.
Experienced naturist sensual masseuse.
Available with Dean for 4hands and couples experiences.